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Anti tarnish coatings for silver

anti tarnish coatings

In our last blog, we discussed some of the various types of anti tarnish coatings. Now we will take a more in depth look as to the effectiveness of these coatings.

Anti-tarnish Testing: Theoacetamide Test


In our last post, we discussed the inaccuracies of the sulfur soap test as a representation of the realistic sulfur environments that silver jewelry encounters and tarnish prevention efficiencies at those levels. As experts in the field of silver tarnish prevention, we feel a responsibility to bring you accurate information and clear up any misleading data that we come across on this subject. Like the sulfur soap test, we have discovered another anti-tarnish test that is not entirely reliable when it comes to protecting your jewelry from tarnish and corrosion.

Sulfur Soap Test: What it Does and Does Not Tell Us About Tarnish


There is a great deal of testing that has been conducted to examine the various causes of tarnish and corrosion. Let us look at one of these procedures in particular, the sulfur soap test. It is designed to accelerate the tarnishing process within a very highly concentrated sulfur environment and the effectiveness of certain technologies against these extreme sulfur levels. The natural assumption would be that if these tarnish prevention products work at such high levels of sulfur, then they must work for lower levels as well, right? Wrong!

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